Human Body Parts Name


Human Body Parts Name

    human body

  • alternative names for the body of a human being; “Leonardo studied the human body”; “he has a strong physique”; “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”
  • The human body is the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 50 trillion cells, the basic unit of life.
  • The Human Body is a 7-part BBC documentary series first shown on 20 May 1998, BBC1. Presented by Robert Winston, a medical scientist and leading commentator on medical matters, The Human Body takes the viewer into one of the most alien worlds imaginable.


  • (part) something determined in relation to something that includes it; “he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself”; “I read a portion of the manuscript”; “the smaller component is hard to reach”; “the animal constituent of plankton”
  • An element or constituent that belongs to something and is essential to its nature
  • the local environment; “he hasn’t been seen around these parts in years”
  • A piece or segment of something such as an object, activity, or period of time, which combined with other pieces makes up the whole
  • A component of a machine
  • (part) separate: go one’s own way; move apart; “The friends separated after the party”

human body parts name

Collect My Pieces

Collect My Pieces

This is a sculpture by David Clemons, a metalsmith in residence on our campus. The name is "If I should fall from such a great height…please collect my pieces"

Day 219. FGR Favorite Body Part.

Day 219. FGR Favorite Body Part.
06/13/08. The human life revolves around the opposable thumb. I am thankful for mine. My thumbs haven’t let me down yet, so I will call them my favorite part.